PATENTED CUP INSERTS Our patented, reusable, sticky elastomer cup inserts are designed to fit any 16-ounce cup - simulating liquid by weighing down the cups and flawlessly catching every made ping pong ball shot with ease.

3-STAR PING PONG BALLS - We only use the best ping pong balls available on the market for all our sets.

DURABLE PLASTIC CUPS - We use stadium-grade plastics (HDPE) for our game cups, which are highly crack resistant for intense play.

LIQUID-FREE - Play Skill Pong on any surface without worrying about a spill!

LIGHT & PORTABLE Quickly pack and bring Skill Pong on the go with the game's included, light-weight drawstring bag.

COMMUNAL FOR ALL AGES Skill Pong welcomes children and grandparents to compete in Pong for the first time.