Play Skill Pong™ Anytime, Anywhere

It’s compact, light, and easy-to-carry Skill Pong package allows you to bring it along with you anywhere - to the beach, a park or campground. There’s no need to fill up the 20 cups with liquid in order to play the game, you can easily set it up in seconds anywhere there's a table. 


Play a Consistent, Fair Game

Skill Pong™ Inserts definitely catches every good shot, keeping cups upright and clinging to the ball like a magnet to steel. The Inserts hold onto the ball tenaciously, so it’s impossible to finger or blow the ball out once it reaches its goal. The dry table or surface due to the spill-free cups makes a uniform ball-release and bounce. Using Skill Pong™ you can ensure a fair game.


Keep Game Play Clean and Clutter-Free

Keeping the game play going is easy and carefree with Skill Pong™. There’s no more struggling to keep cups filled, clean up spills and wet clothes, or replace cracked cups. After all, cups work perfectly even when cracked using Skill Pong™ Inserts.


Skill Pong’s™ patented thermoplastic inserts make this possible. They are perfectly sized and weighted to anchor any 16-ounce plastic cup in place. Imagine the fun you’ll have when you say goodbye to the liquids that disrupt game play and enjoy hours of entertainment with Skill Pong™ while finessing your game.


Clean it Up in Seconds

After the game, clean-up is quick and easy. Collect the balls, stack the cups, and put them in your drawstring bag. That’s it. With Skill Pong™, there’s no need to wipe up spilled liquids and sticky beer stains or throw away used cups. You can pack and leave in seconds.  


Spending Fun and Quality Time

Spend your most precious time with your family and friends. Skill Pong™ allows you to challenge anyone you know, young or old, to a competitive game of pong. Quality and fun time rolled in one.


No Regrets

With this new version of Beer Pong, wake up the next day with no regrets. No beer hangover to nurse. No worries about the beer spills and mess brought about by the fun game. You can just be up and ready for the next game of Skill Pong™.

Enjoy the no-mess, no-hassle, no-regrets game of pong.