Mission Statement

To revolutionize the game of beer pong, allowing Everyone to play anytime and anywhere.  Our reusable Skill Pong™ Inserts eliminate the mess and hassle while changing no other aspect of the game.

History of the Game

Beirut, or beer pong, is believed to have originated at Dartmouth College back in the mid-late 1950’s. While the game was seemingly based on skill and hand-eye coordination, drinking alcohol was of course a primary factor. Beer pong rapidly spread throughout North America and eventually overseas during the Late 20th and Early 21st Century. Campers, tailgaters and family households came up with water and soda pong to legally enable people of all ages to partake in this exciting game. Sadly, the world has always known beer pong to be messy and inconvenient to set up, leaving it with a bad reputation and feeding the popular belief that it can only be played in a basement, garage, or outside.

Currently, beer pong players find ways to play using the cheapest products available. The majority of games today are played by filling water in the game cups instead of alcohol to prevent wasting precious contents or having to drink a contaminated substance. Pong players have a tendency to keep purchasing more and more materials for each party and use, as opposed to cleaning a sizable stack of cups every time the game is played. Many beer pong companies have arisen to take advantage of this by offering the cheapest products on the market, intended to be thrown away or replaced after each daily use. For many players, the idea of owning a durable pong kit that is easy to set up anytime and anywhere without a mess seems like a dream too good to be true.

Enter Skill Pong™

Skill Pong™ was thought up by two college students from Whitewater, Wisconsin while playing beer pong in their garage. It delivers the most enjoyable version of beer pong on the market, providing a clean way to play the game while allowing players to drink, or not drink, anything they want after every made shot. If players choose to play the game solely for drinking purposes, their drinks of choice are now safe and unsullied on the side, instead of being divided amongst the cups designated for game-play. This allows every competitor to comfortably engage, while playing by the same rules, in a healthier manner.

Skill Pong™ promotes a classy version of vintage beer pong for future generations to enjoy, while opening the door to countless new game variations and styles of play. In layman’s terms, Skill Pong™ is the greatest advancement to date of the game called beer pong.

Want to play a few quick games of pong in your living room before heading to the bars? Want to challenge your relatives, young or old, at a family get-together? Want to set up some pong while relaxing at the beach? Want to show up your friends while you’re tailgating outside the stadium? Want to play the best version of the game anytime and anywhere? The time has come to visit our Store and join in on the Evolution today!

The time is always right for Skill Pong™                     Please Play Responsibly.