To revolutionize the game of beer pong by converting it into a true worldwide sport for anyone, young or old, to compete and have fun playing.


We played pong for years by filling all 20 cups with beer and drinking directly from the game cups when a shot was made.  At one point, by Sophomore or Junior year in college, everyone realized it was better to have whatever you're drinking be safe, cold and clean on the side, and we all began playing with water in the game cups.  This was the first step in the right direction for the sport of pong.

Skill Pong™ was thought up by two college students attending UW Whitewater while playing water pong in their garage. In the middle of a game, we asked the question "why are we playing with water in our cups?" The answer was, to weigh down the cups and catch the ping pong ball. We realized then how inconvenient it is to fill (and maintain) 20 cups with water, not to mention the constant threat of spills.  Having any type of liquid in the cups makes the game a hassle and also forces you to play in undesired locations (basement, garage, outside, etc.) because of the mess.  We never finished that game of water pong and instead started working on a solution.  It took us a full year from that moment to find the correct material, patent the mess-free catch component, and set up a supply chain.  

Once we received a full sample set from our suppliers, we played the first ever mess-free game of pong and our minds were blown..  Skill Pong delivers the most enjoyable version of beer pong we've ever experienced.  After playing a game we've loved for so many years, and suddenly being able to play a version where everything bad is now gone, we were speechless.  The next step was to spend every penny we had, and on April 24, 2013 we officially ordered our first shipment of 1,000 sets to share with the world.

The time is always right for Skill Pong™

Please Play Responsibly.