Enjoy the World's Best Reusable Beer Pong Set!

Skill Pong allows everyone to experience the competitive game of beer pong on an evolutionary level.  Our sets allow you to play with no mess or hassle for the first time--with your beverages safely on the side, and not in the dirty cups!  Our sticky, rubber-like inserts are patented and designed to flawlessly simulate playing with a liquid. So, have fun in any room of your house, or toss your Skill Pong set in its colorful drawstring carrying bag and challenge your friends anywhere on the go!  Don't hesitate taking your pong sets camping, tailgating, to hotels, dorm rooms, weddings, birthday parties, or even on an expensive pool table. 

*Our "Pro" Set offers the traditional 10 Cups vs. 10 Cups, whereas our "Beginner" Set offers a quicker style of play--6 Cups vs. 6 Cups.
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Skill Pong "Pro" Set Commercial