World’s First Liquid-Free Beer Pong Sets!

Skill Pong perfects the game of beer pong by being the first and only liquid-free adaptation, eliminating the mess without altering the gameplay.  With our patented supplies, beer pong is effortlessly set up and taken down, allowing it to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere with anybody!

Skill Pong

Beer Pong Evolved:

- Patented Catch Components -
Lifetime reusable puck-shaped Inserts, sized to fit any 16oz cup and designed to simulate liquid by weighing down the cups and catching every pong ball that touches them.

- Olympic-Grade Pong Balls -
Guaranteed to provide the highest level of play for bouncing and flight pattern.

- PP Plastic Cups -
Reinforced soft plastic, maintains identical gameplay to Solo cups while being highly crack resistant for enduring intense play.

-Liquid and Mess Free -
With no mess, play Skill Pong on any surface in the household!

-Polished Pong Gameplay -
All 20 cups are equally weighted to simulate a half-full cup.

-Light & Portable -
Quickly pack and bring Skill Pong anywhere in your set’s drawstring carrying bag.

-Communal For All Ages -
Skill Pong welcomes children and grandparents to compete in Pong for the first time.

*Our "Pro" Set offers the traditional 10 Cups vs. 10 Cups, whereas our "Beginner" Set offers a quicker style of play--6 Cups vs. 6 Cups.
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Skill Pong "Pro" Set Commercial